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Daily Lunch Specials

Served with your choice of 2 Vegetables and Dessert.
Monday through Saturday 11am-2pm!
BBQ & Chicken Plates

All BBQ items are cooked on an open pit with Oak Wood and served with Two Sides.
Combination Plates
Sandwich Combos

Combos are served with Tea or Soft Drink and French Fries or Hushpuppies.
Add Cheese .60
Seafood - Calabash Style
Combination Seafood Plates

Served with your choice of Two Sides and Hushpuppies.
Sides & Vegetables (Seafood)
Single Desserts
Snack Packs

Served with French Fries and Two Hushpuppies.
BBQ Packs
Party Packs
Family Meals
Bulk Vegetables
Whole Desserts
Senior Citizens Plate Specials

Age 62 and up (Dine-In Only) included choice of Two Vegetables and Hushpuppies.